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Intermountain Region Map


  • Hyalite and East Hyalite Canyons. These areas are near Bozeman. Go South from Bozeman for seven miles on 19th Ave to the Hyalite Canyon Junction, and turn left. The rest of the approach depends on the climb you're headed to, and the snow conditions with the leanest snowpack allowing continued driving for thirteen miles to Hyalite Lake trailhead. A list of climbs is forthcoming, but suffice it to say that there is alot. To get to East Hyalite , you turn left at a junction just past the hyalite reservoir, two miles up this road, and a mile past the Palisade fallsparking area, lies Flanders drainage rising from the right side of EastHyalite.
  • Flanders Canyon. Flanders is a side canyon of East Hyalite Canyon. After turning left at the East Hyalite junction (with 19th Ave?), continue for a couple of miles to an old logging road which might be marked by a "Flanders" sign. Cross the creek, and head up into the canyon through an old clearcut for about a mile.
    • Champagne Sherbert
    • The Big Sleep
  • Pine Creek. This area is South of Livingston. Drive South from Livingston on Highway 89. Turn left onto East River Road about three miles past the interstate overpass. Continue up the Road for about eight miles to the small cabin at Pine Creek from which you'll want to note mileage more carefully. About 0.7 miles after the cabin, make a left turn after a Forest Service sign. Head up this road for about two miles to a USFS campground and the Pine Creek trailhead. The Gully climbs are about two-thirds of a mile up the trail, and are accessed by crossing the creek and climbing up a talus slope for a quarter mile. The Pine Creek Falls climb is another quarter mile further upcreek on the mail trail. Another significant Falls is a couple miles further (about 3 from the trailhead), and drops from the outlet of Lower Pine Creek Lake.  
    • Blue Gully (II WI3)
    • Green Gully (II WI4)
    • Pine Creek Falls (III WI2)
  • Yellowstone
    • Undine Falls
    • Lost Creek Falls
    • Tower Falls
    • The Park Gate
    • climbs in Ice Box Canyon
    • Tower Falls
  • Glacier National Park
    • Mt. Cannon
      • Cannon Fodder (2000' moderate ice and steep snow to two WI4 pitches). Southwest face of Mt. Cannon.
      • Looking Up a Loaded Barrel (WI4, 800'). Southwest face of Mt. Cannon.
      • Lost in a Crowd (WI4, 1200'). Southwest face of Mt. Cannon.
      • Goat Chaser (IV, WI3, 500'). South Shoulder of Mt. Cannon.
    • Mt. Brown: Snyder Lakes Basin
      • Brain Stem (WI5, 200'). South slope of Mt Brown. Left line.
      • Controlled Burn (WI4, 200'). South slope of Mt Brown. Central line.
      • Unknown Name (WI3+, 200'). South slope of Mt Brown. Right line.
    • Mt. Edwards
      • A Six Pack and Nothing to Do (WI3, 1400'). Northface of Mt Edwards. The main gully that splits the face.
      • Baby Semmler (WI4+, 450'). Left of the main gully.
      • Spinal Tap (5.7, WI5, 800').
      • The Missing Tooth (WI5, A2+, 450').
    • Avalanche Lake Area
      • The Pig.
      • Claire DeLune (WI3, 300'). Right of The Pig with a 300' WI2-3 approach cleft.
      • Slog and Flog (WI5, 150'). On the headwall (named Bubba's Moonshine Wall) left of The Pig and Claire DeLune, and is approached via the same ice-filled cleft.
      • Staggering Corps (IV, WI5, 300'). On the Headwall, left of Slog and Flog.
      • Wanda's Wicked Sister (WI4, 1100'). On the West face of Bearhat Mtn in a steep slot with no obvious exits for its entire length.
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