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Montreal River, Ontario is one of the two ice climbing areas available to Michigan climbers. It is located in Southern Ontario, 1 hour North of Sault Ste. Marie. The other area is Munising, Michigan.

Munising This town is the locus of a lot of ice.

Curtains. Near Munising Falls (which itself is closed to climbing) just a few miles from downtown Munising along Sand Point Road, there are some iceclimbs. A long, but short, sheet of ice referred to at the "Curtains" forms forms about one mile beyond the intersection of Hwy 28 along Sand Point Road, and is the reference for the other climbs in the area.

  • Curtains (WI 3-4, 1/4 pitch). One mile beyond the intersection of Hwy 28 along Sand Point Road,.
  • Life's a Pitch (aka The Dryer Hose) (WI4+, 1/2 pitch). A pillar that forms from a creek located a few hundred yards down the road from the Curtains.
  • The Amphitheater (WI6, 1/2 pitch) Around the corner from Life's a Pitch, an overhang festooned with ice daggers.

Outlying Mainland. Access the climbs by hiking from the Sand Point parking lot at the National Lakeshore office southeast (at the end of Sand Point road) and up on top of the cliffline, to intersect with the Lakeshore Trail. Hike northeast along the cliff. Approach times are from one half to several hours.

  • Sweet Mother Moses (WI3+, 1/2 pitch). The first big iceclimb you come across just before a wooden bridge.
  • Giddyup (WI4, 1/2 pitch). About a 10 minute walk from Sweet Mother Moses.
  • Hi Ho Silver (WI6, 1/2 pitch). A thin column just to the right of Giddyup.

Minerís Castle. Between Miner's Castle Road and Sand Point Road are some iceclimbs. When the lake ice is thick, traversing along the shore from Miner's Castle is the best approach, but the climbs can also be approached along the Lakshore Trail from the Sweet Mother of Moses climb.

  • Dairyland (WI5, 2 short pitches). About 45 minutes slog from Sweet Mother of Moses. After Cliffs Camp you'll pass a bridge that goes over the stream that supplies Dairyland.
  • Strawberry Daze (WI4+, 1 pitch). About 100 yds southwest of Dairyland. Two tiers.
  • Split Lip (WI5+, 1 pitch). The right hand pillar that comes into Strawberry Daze.
  • BridaVeil Falls (WI4, 1-2 pitches). About 1/2 miles past Miner's Beach.

Grand Portal Point. Head east on Hwy 28 from Munising to the town of Melstrand. Head north on Chapel Road until snow block vehicle progress. Make your human-powered way to the trail head then to Chapel Beach, or Mosquito Beach.

  • Twin Towers (WI4-6) 1 pitch. Off the Mosquito Beach trail just before Grand Portal Point.
  • Singin in the Rain (WI5+, 1/2 pitch). On the north exposure of Grand Portal Point.
  • Chapel Falls (WI3, 1/2 pitch). On the Chapel Beach Trail, about 1.5 miles from the road. The trail crosses the stream above the climb.

Chapel Beach Climbs. From the trailhead on Chapel Road take the north trail past Chapel Falls, to Chapel Beach. Spray Falls is the first climb

  • Spray Falls (WI4, 1/2 pitch). About a mile north from Chapel Beach.
  • Seeping Wall (WI4, 1/2 pitch).
  • The Freedom Years (WI 4+-5, 1 pitch). Northeast of Spray Falls are many delicate pillars.

Grand Island. Getting to Grand Island, north of Munising, requires an approach on one of the many snowmobile trails. The trails from Powell Point or Bay Furnace to William's Landing are the shortest. Iceclimbs form all around Grand Island. The west and north shores offer the highest routes.

  • Trout Bay. Many routes especially along the East Channel wall which is visible from Sand Point.
  • Bird's Eye View (a couple routes of WI3, 1 pitch). On the west shore near where the nesting overlooks are built.
  • Overbite (WI3, 1/2 pitch). Near the northern tip of the island a couple hundred yards west of the North Point Lighthouse.

Dodgeville. Governor Dodge State Park, three miles north of Dodgeville on Highway 23, has several iceclimbs.

  • Steven's Falls (WI2-4, 1/2 pitch). Head northeast from the Ranger station toward Twin Valley Lake for about a mile to a gravel turnout. Hike downhill and east along the creek to the top of the falls. A few lines can be found.
  • Cox Hollow Falls (aka Enee Point) (WI2-3, several variations). Head to Cox Hollow Lake from the Ranger station. On the west side of the Lake, park in the lot and hike across the wooden bridge and bushwack west along the small stream.

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